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Wir erinnern uns: Vorspiel war der Start des Abends ins Wochenende. Vorspiel war aber auch weit mehr und führte zuerst im Better Days Project und später in der Bar 227 monatlich zum Höhepunkt.Einer der Köpfe von dem Event „Vorspiel“ war Ronny Pries. Aber natürlich hat man Ihn nicht nur im Vorspiel erleben dürfen, sondern auch bei unzähligen Festivals und bekannten Clubs. Wir freuen uns ihn bei uns begrüssen zu dürfen und freuen uns auf seinen Sound !

dj since : 1991

styles: Techno,

hometown: Hamburg




DJ, producer, designer. Curator of the original Techno netlabel _rohformat est’96. Affilated with AudioRealism, Thinner, Superstition Records…
Producing and DJing since 1991, Ronny Pries is one of the last remaining forces of raw Techno to come out of his hometown Hamburg. His music has graced such labels as Supersitition Records, Forte Records, Bash Again & Thinner.
His boundary defiant vision of Djing has found significant exposure at an eclectic variety of clubs, venues, and festivals, including the Tresor/Berlin, MS Stubnitz, Objekt/Dresden, Pudel/Hamburg, Uebel & Gefaehrlich/Hamburg, Club Prag/Stuttgart, Love Parade ’98, Norberg Festival ’02, and TMBase Festival/Romania ’10. Additionally, he has served as a resident DJ at Unit III/HH from ’97 to ’99, and Vorspiel/HH from ’04 to ’06.
Pries has also been a driving force in the netaudio movement since its early days in the mid ’90s. His tracker-based labels Schleudertrauma and _rohformat were precursors for the scene to come, featuring artists such as Dave Ellesmere, Bauri, Dupont, Ronald van Aggelen, Danny Andersen, Sascha Mueller, and more.
His disregard-for-limits style of DJing and involvement in the scene caught the eye of Native Instruments. Official mixes made by Pries shipped with the 2.x versions of Traktor DJ Studio and Final Scratch.
An obsession with achieving purely software-based music production lead Pries to be among the first wave of producers to take his hardware experience and successfully reproduce previously hardware-exclusive sounds in software – long before VST was established as a standard. In 2003 he teamed up with AudioRealism to develop the world’s leading virtual TB-303 – the highly-acclaimed „Bass Line“ – used by artists like KiNK, K-Alexi, Rob Acid and much more.“


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