electronical vibes Eine groovige Symbiose von Tech-House und knackigen Minimal-Techno !

[acts] Schille


Man ist so alt wie man sich fühlt und im Fall von Schille muss das sehr jung sein. Man merkt ihm sein Alter nur in der Musikauswahl an, so verirrt sich immer wieder ein cooler alter Klassiker in seinen Sets.

dj since : 1983

styles: Techno, House

hometown: Hamburg




I start at 1982 as a Bartender in a christian Churchcenter. After two years i was one of the DJ´s there and I played only Disco and Synthie Pop Music. After these Decade I come to House.
My early Club´s was Opera House, Front, Unit and then i come to Tunnel in Hamburg, as a follower.
In between I organized any Partys in the near of Hamburg and after this I was oriented in Decoration. And I come to the beginning of the Goa-Scene of Hamburg , it was nice !

And I make the Deco- Concepts to any party´s…… Then I worked nearly Hamburg, in Elmshorn in the Eventroom called “ TraumRaum“ I have make the coordination of Decoration and all off the technicals.
It was nasty, but it was a good time….

Later I surfed thrue the Club´s, prefer the Phonodome was my favorite. In between I worked for a Jugo-Club and I was the technical Coordinator……and in between I was one of the second DJ.
After these phase I´am the background Boy…… I organized many underground Partys with no comercial Background , but most I work ordinary as an electrician !
In moment i organized the E.T.A.G.E-Team as Grafic- and Sound Artist ! And I celebrate the VinylMixing on an DigitalVinylSystem and also on pur Vinyl-Sounds…..

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